• This unit shares the scientific knowledge about the latest trends and innovation of products, processes or services. It also affords the principal trends at the national and international level about production and consumption in each sub-sector;

 This unit analyses the international Trends Reports and prepares Trend Reports of the agri-food consumption for each target market;

• The unit organizes multidisciplinary working groups for the dynamization of the functional food sector targeting for market segments with food intolerances, nutritionists, doctors, Chef’s, packaging suppliers, researchers, analytical laboratories, certification and associations;

• Through this unit we also collect offers and product trends for market segments with food intolerances, the identification of strategic partnerships for the participation of members (SME’s) in European Projects to promote technology transfer, the involvement of companies in innovation projects with Entities of the Scientific and Technological System (SCT) at national and international level, meetings with +R&DT entities, also at national and international level.

• This unit also supports the development of new products, the implementation of new technologies and new production methods, through the partnership between CATAA and SCT system, and the organization of training actions, workshops, seminars within the scope of +R&DT and innovation.


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